Offshore Simulation arrangements and procedures for dealing with COVID-19

Offshore Simulation arrangements and procedures for dealing with COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected the offshore training sector and is constantly altering every day with both Governments (State and Federal) are making daily recommendations to deal with COVID-19.

Here at Offshore Simulation, we have implemented measures and procedures for us to continue our training with the participants, staff and their families’ health and well-being remaining a priority.

We have implemented the following measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

• We require that all participants, visitors and staff at the centre to follow the Department of Health guidance regarding personal hygiene behaviours.
• All visitors who want to enter the centre are required to fill in a COVID-19 Health Declaration form. The form asks questions on general health, overseas travel, etc.
• If they answer yes to any of the question, they are not permitted to enter the centre. They can contact us later and make an alternative time to book their course once they have been medically cleared.
• Participants and visitors are required to complete a risk self-assessment either prior to, or on arrival at the centre. Also participants are asked daily about their about general health by staff.
• Anyone in at our centre that has been identified as being at risk of carrying COVID-19 (including flu-like symptoms) will be immediately isolated and provided with appropriate support.
• Participants are asked to use the pen they are given at the beginning of the day and to please not share pens and other equipment with other participants.
• We ask participants, staff and visitors to wash their hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds with soap or hand sanitiser solution.
• We ask students, employees and visitors to cough and sneeze into their elbow or sleeve.
• We are introducing social distancing practices wherever possible (Reduced class sizes, desks have been placed 1.5m to 2m apart in training rooms).
• We clean our training equipment (keyboards, desks, mouse, screens, etc). These will be disinfectanted thoroughly, before and after use. We also have increased our cleaning routine to all parts of our facility.
• Our training equipment (keyboard, mouse, training equipment) sanitisation and testing processes continue to prevent the transmission of bacteria or viruses between users.
To ensure our procedures reflect emerging best practice we will continue to monitor Australian Government Department of Health advice.
Please use the link to find out more information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus):

Thank you for your understanding of the current circumstances.