Join us at AOG on Wednesday 11th March 2020

We believe that education is the key to making the oceans a safer place  and that simulation is the key to the current Digital revolution.


Imagine a world where every time a complex operation is carried out offshore, it has already been practiced multiple times.


Imagine the reductions in risk and the safer operations that would result.


Zero Harm and everybody going home safe, every time, would be the norm!


This not a dream…..


The solutions we use, allow teams to plan & train on Digital Twins prior to operations going offshore.

They have been used by major companies, who report substantial reductions in insurance costs, as a direct result.


If you share our vision and want to reduce risk, make operations safer and lower your insurance costs


Come and talk to us on the NERA Technology Station at AOG on Wednesday March 11th or  contact us direct