Expression Of Interest – DP Seatime

It’s always been a concern to us is that we can offer our students 2 Nautical Institute DP training courses, but can’t offer to assist them in gaining the seatime element for their training.
It’s really sad that many of our participants have to repeat the training because they don’t gain the required seatime (within the specified time frames) or worst, still aren’t given the opportunity to progress after the basic course.

If we could get you the required 60 days between the basic and advance courses, on state-of-the-art DP Class 2 vessels, would this be something that we should be looking at potentially providing?

At the centre, we always want to offer the best quality DP training and to help ensure Australian DP operators are the best in the world.

At this stage we are just wanting Expressions Of Interest, for this potential venture. Please email us at

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